“Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

― Ibn Battuta
- Place

Beginnings are important.
It helps measure the passage of time.

The woodsy aura is the first thing that engulfs you. As if perfumed with pine, the hills of Coonoor captivate you almost immediately and then you see the picturesque town unfolding in front of your eyes, like a sketch from every little drawing you made as a child.

- Property

There is always place for a story.

Across the glorious hills of the quaint Coonoor, in a quiet nook by the tea gardens lies a snug dwelling. Gleaming under the glowing medallion in the sky, surrounded by Eden-green trees - perfect, like freshly-pressed laundry.

- Rooms

Give room to the pages of your story.

The bungalow has six welcoming, warm and restful rooms. But unlike any other place, each room has a story to tell. Each room has it’s own charming identity.